We are an independent fault analysis service providing detailed reports on items which have failed in some way during dry-cleaning (for advice regarding lost items please visit the FAQ's page)

DCAS analysis reports are compiled by David R. Taylor (former Head of Garment Analysis at the Fabric Care Research Association) who has over twenty five years experience in this specialised field.

DCAS reports do not qualify for court use but are intended to be instrumental in the process of settling disputes. The service is tailored to meet the needs of dry cleaners, consumers, garment retailers etc. who require an objective opinion on a failed item in the form of a signed report.

The reports sole intention is to help the conflicting parties find a resolution to their dispute with a view to avoiding litigation, being mindful that a report compiled for court purposes can cost around £200 (a fee which may be greater than the value of the item in question!). Both parties may also wish to avoid the further expense of court fees, as well as the inconvenience and stress often associated with attending court.

             DCAS is recognised by various bodies including - UK Trading Standards & Citizens Advice Bureau.